Trifle::Docs / Usage


Trifle::Docs comes with a couple module level methods that are shorthands for operations.

Each of these methods accepts optional custom configuration. If no configuration has been passed in, it defaults to global configuration.

.sitemap(config: nil)

Returns a full tree structure of your folders. Each item includes metadata for a specific file. You can use this to generate menus or one of those sitemaps that noone uses.

.content(url: String, config: nil)

Returns a HTML content of the file that can be used in a template.

.meta(url: String, config: nil)

Returns a metadata of the file. This may include title, template, nav_order or others.

.collection(url: String, config: nil)

It's a specific branch of a sitemap tree for specific url. This can be useful when redering list of blog articles. Instead of navigating through .sitemap to specific branch, you can use .collection to get the list.

Thats really all there is. You can use these methods directly and integrate it in views, or you can use build in Sinatra app.