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Learn how to display a navigation from sitemap.

Render Menu

Easiest way to render navigation is to use sitemap. You can use it directly as Trifle::Docs.sitemap or as a template variable sitemap that is available in both Sinatra and Rails integration.

Hashes does not preserve order of items and even if they would, they would be sorted alphabetically as they would be presented within the folder. For this purpose its best to use a key/value stored in meta and use it to sort your menu options based on that.

The decision how to name the key is completely up to you. You can use simple nav_order and set it in meta on each file with appropriate number.

title: Test
nav_order: 1

# Test

This is testing page

And for another page simply increment the value.

title: Another Test
nav_order: 2

# Another test

This is another testing page

Then in your template you can pick the sitempa and sort each item of it by nav_order. The only chevat is that sitemap includes _meta for current page and you should account for that in your rendering.

<h1><%= sitemap.dig('_meta', 'title') %></h1> <!-- display title for main page -->
  <% sitemap.sort_by {|(key, option)| option.dig('_meta', 'nav_order') || 0 }.each do |(key, option)| %>
    <% next if key == '_meta' %>
    <li><%= option.dig('_meta', 'title') %></li>
  <% end %>

Voila. That was it.