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Learn how Markdown harvester renders your files.

Markdown Harvester

Underneeth Markdown harvester uses redcarpet to render markdown files. It matches only *.md files.

Markdown harvester is bit opinionated. It includes rouge plugin for syntax highlighting and sets few configuration defaults. fenced_code_blocks: true, disable_indented_code_blocks: true and footnotes: true.

Metadata parsing

Jekyll sets a convention of using YAML configuration at a top of your markdown file. This way you can pass some extra context that can be used in your templates.

Markdown harvester only requires title key to be present. Other key/values are completely under your control.

If you're working on sorting your documentation, you may wanna pass in nav_order or something similar and than use it in your views to sort documents based on this value.

If you're working on a blog, you may wanna sort your documents based on timestamp. Or you may wanna add tags, category or author and render these in the templates.

It provides these keys/values inside of metadata:

  • url - current URL.
  • breadcrumbs - URL split into segments.
  • toc - Table of Content HTML code.
  • updated_at - files modification timestamp.