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Learn how to display nested documents at the footer.

Nested Documents

Displaying nested documents is very similar to rendering menu. While in Menu you are recommended to use sitemap, for nested documents its best to use collection that includes only the current part of a sitemap tree.

As you're again dealing with sitemap tree, you need to account for _meta of current page. Additionally, you may wanna exclude any files (images, videos, etc) as well.

  <% collection.sort_by {|(key, option)| option.dig('_meta', 'nav_order') || 0 }.each do |key, item| %>
    <% next if key == '_meta' || item.dig('_meta', 'type') == 'file' %>
    <li><a href="<%= item.dig('_meta', 'url') %>"><%= item.dig('_meta', 'title') %></a></li>
  <% end %>

Style them as you need them.