Trifle::Logs / Drivers
Learn how Trifle::Logs::Drivers manipulate files.


Driver is a class that interacts interacts with logs. You can write your own driver, or use build in File driver. Each driver needs to support two methods.

dump(message=String, namespace: String)

  • message - string representation of a content you want to store.
  • namespace - string identifier.

dump method is used to persist content. It's as simple as that. The only identifier here is the namespace that can be used to separate one log from the others.

search(namespace: String, pattern: String, file_loc: String, direction: Symbol)

  • namespace - string identifier.
  • pattern - regexp pattern for filtering. Defaults to nil.
  • file_loc - indicate current point of search. Defaults to nil.
  • direction - symbol representation of direction for search. Defaults to nil.

search method is used to search through the logs. Without file_loc or direction, it should iterate over last page of logs. To navigate to another page, set file_loc to either min_loc or max_loc of your Result and set direction to either :prev or :next.