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Driver is a wrapper class that persists and retrieves values from backend. It needs to implement:

  • inc(key:, **values) method increment values
  • set(key:, **values) method set values
  • get(key:) method to retrieve values


One note about performance of the drivers. While these are small operations against any database, these drivers differ in approach they take.

Redis and Postgres drivers are performing single inc/set operation for each key/value pair. That means to store hash with 10 key/value pairs, it will make 10 calls to database.

Mongo on the other side supports single inc/set operation on multiple key/value pairs at a time. This allows it to make single call to database even if you are tracking 50 values.

Keep that in mind when working with data. If content you are tracking has simple structure, it will be just fine with Redis or Postgres driver. If your content is structured and tracks lots of values, you will do better using Mongo driver.

Packer Mixin

Some databases cannot store nested hashes/values. Or they cannot perform increment on nested values that does not exist. For this reason you can use Packer mixin that helps you convert values to dot notation.

class Sample
  include Trifle::Stats::Mixins::Packer

values = { a: 1, b: { c: 22, d: 33 } }
=> {:a=>1, :b=>{:c=>22, :d=>33}}

packed = Sample.pack(hash: values)
=> {"a"=>1, "b.c"=>22, "b.d"=>33}

Sample.unpack(hash: packed)
=> {"a"=>1, "b"=>{"c"=>22, "d"=>33}}

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