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Driver is a wrapper class that persists and retrieves values from backend. It needs to implement:

  • inc(key:, **values) method to store values
  • get(key:) method to retrieve values

Packer Mixin

Some databases cannot store nested hashes/values. Or they cannot perform increment on nested values that does not exist. For this reason you can use Packer mixin that helps you convert values to dot notation.

class Sample
  include Trifle::Stats::Mixins::Packer

values = { a: 1, b: { c: 22, d: 33 } }
=> {:a=>1, :b=>{:c=>22, :d=>33}}

packed = Sample.pack(hash: values)
=> {"a"=>1, "b.c"=>22, "b.d"=>33}

Sample.unpack(hash: packed)
=> {"a"=>1, "b"=>{"c"=>22, "d"=>33}}

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