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While you don’t need to include middleware, it gives you automatic tracing and callbacks on every rack call or sidekiq execution. You don’t need to initialize tracer every time you want to trace something. Middleware does it automatically for you based on a key/meta you set.

You can read more about each middleware configuration in its own section.


All middlewares implement fairly standard way to wrap execution in a block. Think of it as:

  1. Yo, lets create new tracer coz we’re about to start.
  2. Lets yield this thing.
  3. Dang it! We just crashed!
  4. Alrite, thats all folks.
def traced(&block)
  Trifle::Logger.tracer = trace_key)
  yield block
rescue => e
  Trifle::Logger.tracer.trace("Exception: #{e}", state: :error)!
  raise e

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